Murrieta’s Most Reliable Electrical Repairs

An essential part of modern living is uninterrupted electrical service. Your electricity is important because it provides the power that fuels your comfort systems, lighting, electronic devices, hot water heater and anything else that offers convenience. When you experience a malfunction with some of your electrical components this could negatively affect that comfort and convenience. That is why Murrieta Electrician offers comprehensive Murrieta electrical repairs.
If you experience any kind of electrical fault, call us today for an electrical repair service estimate. Our skilled technicians have the experience, training and tools to get your equipment repaired fast.

Fast Electrical Repair Services

As a matter of standard practice, we always travel with a fully stocked van, so most repairs can be completed on the spot and on the first trip. This ensures that you are able to return to the conveniences that your electrical equipment affords you as soon as possible. We also boast the fastest response times in the area, so when you need an electrical repair done quickly, you need to call Murrieta Electricians.

At Murrieta Electricians we strive to offer the widest variety of electrical repair services available to the Murrieta area. From troubleshooting, outlet installation, ceiling fan repairs and more, whatever your electrical repair needs, we can assist you. Our primary goal at Murrieta Electricians is to keep you safe and comfortable, keep your systems running efficiently and save you money in the process. If we achieve these things, we feel confident we’ll be your go-to electricians from here on out.

Ceiling Fan Repairs

Ceiling fans are one of the most effective ways to increase comfort while remaining energy efficient. Your ceiling fan uses far less energy than your HVAC system, but still keeps you feeling cool, disperses a uniform temperature throughout your home and promotes good ventilation. Most modern ceiling fans also have multiple functions that provide lighting as well. If you experience ceiling fan problems, don’t run out and simply replace it. The ceiling fan repair experts at Murrieta Electricians can have your ceiling fan running as good as new in no time. Whether your ceiling fan has flickering lights, strange noises, fan blades rotating too fast or the fan doesn’t turn on at all, we can help. We’ve been fixing ceiling fans for decades and we’ve seen every malfunction there is. If your ceiling fan looks like it’s about to fly off your ceiling and out the window, call on us.


Electrical systems are complicated. They rely on an intricate web of wiring that connects at several places to various receptacles, switches, fixtures and other connections. If you experience irregularities in your power, it may be difficult to trace the problem sometimes. Given that electricity is a powerful and dangerous thing, it is advised not to try to find the problem yourself. Our staff of trained electricians, under the tutelage of a master electrician, is experienced in using specialized tools for troubleshooting and identifying faults. We can find the source of your power irregularities fast and make suggestions on the most efficient way to handle the problem.

Lighting Repairs

One of the most common repair calls we receive is for lighting. Many things can malfunction, but when the lights go out, everything has to stop. When you can’t see what you are doing, it hinders everything. When changing the light bulb isn’t the solution, you may have a fixture problem or even an outlet problem. Either way, whatever the root of your lighting issue, we’ll find it and solve it quickly. Our team of skilled technicians has expert knowledge on circuitry and electrical lighting systems. If you get stuck in the dark, we will arrive quickly and get your lights back on in no time.

Outlet Repairs & Installations

Sometimes the source of your electrical faults is simply in the outlet. This receptacle is where wires that connect directly to your power source feed an A/C port so that your electronic equipment can use that fuel source. It may seem like you have a broken lamp or bad light bulb, but after you have plugged a couple things into the outlet and they also don’t work, you can determine it might be the outlet itself. At this point it is best to contact Murrieta Electricians . We have the know-how to repair or install an outlet, connect the wires safely and restore its power giving properties. This is a routine and simple process for the trained professionals at Murrieta Electricians . At Murrieta Electricians our primary concern is your safety. One of the most effective safety measures a Murrieta homeowner can take is by having circuit breaker and surge protection technology installed wherever possible. A common tool for this is the GFCI outlet (ground fault circuit interrupter). Essentially this outlet has a built in mechanism that will interrupt a circuit if it detects imbalances in the current coming from it. This protects whatever is plugged into it from a power surge, possibly protecting you from electrocution. Aside from safety, another advantage to modern society is technological advancement and the conveniences it offers. Another outlet service that we offer is the installation of USB-plug wall outlets. These outlets function just like a normal three-prong outlet but with additional USB ports for charging your mobile devices. You’ll never have to worry about finding your charger again with USB-plug wall outlets.

Our Murrieta Electrical Repair Specialists Provide the Following Services:

  • Ceiling Fan Repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lighting Repairs
  • Outlet Repairs
  • GFCI Outlet Installation
  • USB-Plug Outlet Installation
  • RV Outlets
  • Emergency Electrical Repairs